John Loeppky

Journalist, Editor, Crippled and Creative

John  Loeppky is a journalist, editor, writer, theatre artist,and a former para-sport . He also, somewhat regrettably, has an MFA.

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I am a disabled writer, editor, and theatre artist. Click the button below to see my creative work.
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I'm a disabled journalist focusing on disability, health, sport, media, and whatever an editor will charge a decent rate for.
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Holder of an MFA at the intersection of theatre and disability culture, John's focus is on disability, identity, and solo performance. Oh, and a little crip hellraising
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Artistic Work

I'm a disabled theatre artist, largely focused on
writing solo-performances and crafting devised theatre with alike collaborators. I have experience as a lighting designer and lighting operator, but am currently working in arts administration, education, and theatrical production. Writing was, and still is, my first love. Whether it be on the page, for the stage (or both).

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